Support your local newspaper knowing that a tree farmer in Maine or Mississippi can replant and sustainably manage the trees used to make it.

Subscribe to the magazines and catalogs you love knowing that the energy used to make that paper is from at least 60 percent renewable biofuels, has diverted waste from landfills and is helping states meet their green energy goals.

Clip the coupons that save you money knowing that the supply chain that gets you that coupon has been cited at doing the best job of any industry in addressing sustainability issues on a global perspective.

Buy your children a printed copy of a beloved book knowing that the pages are made from a renewable resource, most likely printed with vegetable-based inks, and are ultimately capable of being recycled for use as another paper product in the future.

Support literacy programs that distribute books to children and adults. Reading is fundamental to success in life, and current statistics show that the educational careers of 25-40 percent of American children are in danger because they don’t read well enough. In an increasingly digital world, it’s easy for children to substitute multi-media experiences for reading in their learning process, and books play a valuable role in giving them the reading skills and critical thinking skills they need to lead a full and productive life.

Support your local library. In 2007, there were estimated 117,467 libraries nationwide, representing public, private, academic and specialized libraries. These institutions provide a service to many who do not have full access to digital media, as well as an archive for information of all types.

"When books come into one’s life in the context of human warmth, nurturance and relevance to one's own interests and needs, they maintain this quality forever. It is not only the characters in a book that engage our shared humanness — the book itself somehow becomes a companion. For many people, just the sight of a book gives a sense of companionship." Zero to Three Journal "A Book is a Child's Companion"